Contaminated Land Management

At Carbon Environmental our contaminated land division has many years of experience in the design, management and remediation of polluted sites. We offer consultancy services on a range of contamination issues from oil spills to brownfield site developments and are experts in environmental due diligence. Our core services include:

Phase 1 Environmental Desk Studies
Phase 2 Site Investigation Design & Supervision
Quantitative Risk Assessments
Remediation and Implementation
Environmental Due Diligence
Waste Classification


Domestic Oil / Industrial Oil Spill

Carbon Environmental provides a complete oil spill management and clean up service. We offer bespoke advice specific to your oil spill or leak, be that a domestic home heating oil spill (kerosene) or industrial gas oil. Oil clean up can be complex, particularly when oil spills or leaks occur within a property or migrate under a building or into the surrounding environment. We provide practical step by step guidance on the right approach to address the issues arising, all in a cost effective manner.


Environmental Monitoring and Audit

Carbon Environmental can provide a wide range of environmental monitoring and audit services to ensure your licence conditions are meet. These include:

Surface water monitoring
Groundwater monitoring
Soil sampling and analysis
Noise and vibration monitoring
Ambient dust monitoring
Effluent monitoring
Ground gas monitoring
Waste sampling and characterisation
Bund integrity testing and assessment
Legionella monitoring, cleaning, disinfection and control


Air Quality Monitoring

Carbon Environmental offers a full range of monitoring services including:

Ambient air quality monitoring
Industrial hygiene assessments
Odour and dust monitoring
Occupational exposure assessments
Compliance advice


Waste Management

Carbon Environmental provide a range of waste management services specific to your needs. The services used will be tailored to your specific needs. Our services to the waste management industry include:

Waste planning applications
Waste collection permit applications
Waste management and minimisation
Environmental monitoring for your licence compliance
Annual environmental reporting
Sampling for waste classification, remediation and disposal for developments including brownfield sites


Project Management

At Carbon Environmental, our project managers work with the following core principles in mind:

Keep it practical & simple
Engage with key stakeholders at all times
Provide clear and effective reports and methodologies
Achieve cost effective solutions
Clear ownership and informed decision making
Delivery of milestones on time